Superheroes attract us with their supernatural powers, unusual costumes and equipment. Let’s go for
to the fantastic world, where we will meet famous heroes of the popular comics of Marvel Comics and
DC Comics: Superman, Batman, the Avengers, Iron Man and Deadpool. They also became heroes of
our vinyl clocks. Superhero vinyl clock is a striking home decor and unusual gift.
Music always was serving as an inspiration or even as a foundation for people who do fine arts, and was a kind of impetus for their ideas. A lot of artists get inspired by music compositions even today. And there is nothing surprising at all since every day we face a lot of great music and it cannot be left without attention. A lot of genius music bands are now depicted on vinyl record clocks, which will be the best compliment for a home design of any true music lover.
What a great time – childhood! Time works for you and the a surrounding world is so friendly and bright. J.M. Barrie, the well-known writer, who created one of the most magical and charming stories ever, ingeniously reflected the mood of this precious time. Peter Pan became an example of courage and freedom for millions of children, and gain the popularity among the whole world. We could not leave such a wondrous literary work without proper attention, thereby, we created a series of vinyl wall clocks, dedicated to the Peter Pan cartoon.
Series of the Disney wall clock contains a lot of different vinyl clock models. The Princess series is one of the most interesting and special one. It represents scenes and characters from such remarkable Disney cartoons as Little Mermaid, Beauty And the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White and others. Such clocks will be a great gift idea for children. You have an opportunity to choose the best clock among a variety of Disney princess clocks.
We have the great news for all the connoisseurs of music! If you fall for music every time you hear it, if the sound accompanies you everywhere, if you found your inspiration and the way of self­expression, in that way you will do justice to our new vinyl record clock series. Our design team elaborated the unbelievable variety of vinyl clocks, dedicated to remarkable music bands, and one of the most popular and bright series is The Beatles record clock. We all know such legendary hits as “Hey, Jude”, “Let it Be”, “Yesterday” and dozens of other fabulous The Beatles songs. Obviously, we could not just pass by such great opportunity to create the new design of favorite with many of our customers interior accessories with The Beatles art.
One of the most influential and remarkable music bands that conquered hearts of millions of people, the legends of rock music, genius of their genre — Pink Floyd. The London musicians, which achieved the worldwide recognition and became the idols for several generations. Their music is noticeable and outstanding in virtue of the experimentation and high ingenuity. A lot of people grew up on the Pink Floyd songs such as “The Wall”, “Comfortably Numb”, “Time”, “Hey You” and many others. Considering all the above, it is obviously that we could not leave without attention such remarkable figures in music history as Pink Floyd, thereby, we perpetuate its image in the vinyl wall clock series.
The special offer for everyone who loves adventures and magic. The vinyl record clock, based on the cast of the seven films about a young wizard. The Harry Potter characters and world have served as an inspiration for our designers.

Name of Bruce Lee is well known by almost all of the people from an early age. We all know great movies with his participation and even video games, such as Dragon Warrior. Bruce Lee quotes are full of wisdom and deep knowledge. The image of Bruce Lee is an example for following and an object of admiration for a lot of young people.
Who would deny that one of the most successful and influential music bands, the superb Led Zeppelin has changed the history of music all over the world? The true rock music legends, formed in London in 1968, are still the examples to follow for many rock bands. They have transformed the adolescence of the whole generation and became the idols for millions of people. We all remember such great Led Zeppelin songs, became the hits, as “Kashmir” or “Stairway To Heaven”, and the legendary album “IV”
The great news for all the Marvel Universe fans! Considering our aspiration to create a wide range of products, we decided to elaborate a new awesome vinyl clock series, dedicated to the Marvel’s The Avengers movie. Now you have the great opportunity to complement your interior with conspicuous and unexpected detail.
​What should be better than the whole world, full of kindness, sorcery and enchantment? The world, in which beautiful fairies exist, magic castles keep their secrets, the power of love can break the dark spell and all the dreams always come true. That world is familiar to all of us from early childhood, this is the world of Walt Disney animations. For many years now Walt Disney Company delight us with exciting and bright plots of its cartoons and movies, each of which is an example of excellence and craftsmanship.
If you do not sure how to make your home design more unusual and extraordinary, if you are looking for the way to express your individuality by means of interior, in this way, we know how to help you. We are glad to present to your attention the vinyl record wall clock. Our designers have done their best and created a variety of the series, dedicated to different topics, such as movies, cartoons, music and a lot more. Each series is completely unique and diversified, thereby you have a great opportunity to choose precisely that type of vinyl clock, which will be reflect your unique personality in the best way.
The beautiful and touching fairy tale of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about lovely and starry-eyed little mermaid and beauteous prince was served as an inspiration for Walt Disney Pictures to create an animated musical fantasy film of the same name. Using the plot of the Danish tale, Ron Clements and John Musker created one of the most engrossing animations, which conquered the hearts of millions the children immediately. Ariel is exceptional Disney princess, completely dissimilar to other ones, thereby, we created the fabulous Disney vinyl record clock series, dedicated to the Little Mermaid cartoon.
Just imagine the hot wind, sharp rocks, wide expanses, rapid rivers and red sunsets of gorgeous and picturesque Africa. Imagine graceful antelopes, sapient monkeys, cunning hyenas and brave lions. The big, but long-run childish dream about sunny and enthralling Africa became closer, thanks to the Walt Disney Pictures team and their masterpiece animation movie – The Lion King. Created in 1994 by Roger Allers and rob Minkoff, The Lion King became the favorite of the audience. Not many people know, but Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a kind of prototype of the well-known Lion King. Our design team was inspired by fabulous characters from that movie, thereby, we created charming Lion King vinyl clock, which will become a great gift for your child and eye-catching detail of your interior.
The Walt Disney Company, one of the biggest entertainment producers in the world creates the most beautiful and kind cartoons for almost 100 years. Not a single generation grew up on the stories about beautiful princess and brave heroes, magical fairies and funny dwarfs, and even nowadays children and adults still love and appreciate Disney cartoons and their heroes. That is why we created a Disney vinyl clock series which contain a variety of models, dedicated to different Disney Company’s animation, so we are glad to present you one of such Disney clock models, the Beauty and the Beast vinyl clock.
The world classic of the musical animation films, directed by Henri Selick and produced by compelling Tim Burton in 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas has immediately won the hearts of millions of people. Its charming and mysterious atmosphere and fabulous music will not leave anyone indifferent. The main heroes, Jack Skellington and Sally served as an inspiration for us to create a new vinyl record clock series. Using the movie plot, we evaluated three different designs of the Nightmare Before Christmas clock.
Modern culture brought a new level of the home design and decoration. Nowadays we are able to create the new atmosphere, using a variety of materials, which sometimes appear to be utterly incompatible. The complete freedom of choice and the huge range of materials became the reason of bold design decisions, unexpected combinations and creation of new styles and directions of development. In this way, we elaborated the series of unusual clocks, using nothing more than just a vinyl records and our fantasy.
When Jorge Lucas directed his biggest masterpiece in 1977, it is unlikely he could have imagined that the Star Wars movies will serve as an inspiration for designers and artists from all over the world, but nevertheless, the story of that movie had conquered the hearts and heads of millions creative people. In this way, we created special design series of vinyl clocks, dedicated to Star Wars movie motives.
We can move to another era, another country and even a reality with help of movies. Each story we see on screen affects us in one way or another. Together with the characters we laugh, we cry, grieve and rejoice. Together with them we can find ourselves in a fictional world and do amazing things. Legendary movies and characters inspired us to create vinyl clocks. Most of them are made based on the fiction movies with superheroes, time travel, and magical countries.
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