About us

Our project exists to make your apartment more stylish and comfortable.  Housing becomes a home when it is filled with emotions and comfort. Because the house is created by people, they fill it with meaning. We understand that you want to make your home special, and you are looking for something unusual and interesting.

Who we are

Artzavod is a studio which makes things for home. There are posters, led lampsdecor and smart furniture in our online store. Each product combines originality, functionality and modern technology. Our goods will make every home more comfortable and beautiful. It is important for us that every house was filled by warmth and comfort so we select materials for products carefully. You will find here stylish and unusual things.

Our advantages

  We are the studio of contemporary design. We care about saving of space and money. Our smart furniture can expand the space in your flat. We use led technology in production of lamps so your payment for electricity will decrease. Every product of our studio is handmade. We value each detail, and as a result you get a beautiful thing of high quality.


Future plans

Every day we create something new or are thinking about creating. We collect ideas, improve them and implement. We develop our project and we are in search of something fresh and unusual. Our online store is trying to expand the horizons. We want to unite local artists who produce smart furniture and interesting things for the home. With their help we plan to become a platform for development in this direction.

Artzavod Team

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