We have a full-scale production workshop with laser and milling equipment, and qualified specialists to work with it. This allows us to deal with individual and corporate orders of different levels of complexity.

You can contact us in the workshop if you did not find what you need in the assortment of finished goods.

We will create a new product for you.

  • Laser engraving
  • Processing of wood and plywood on a milling cutter
  • Decorating work
  • Light solutions
Our products create the mood of the space in which you want to be
History. The way we work.

The studio was founded in 2014. Artzavod is a studio which makes things for home. There are posters, led lamps, decor and smart furniture in our online store. Each product combines originality, functionality and modern technology. Our goods will make every home more comfortable and beautiful. It is important for us that every house was filled by warmth and comfort so we select materials for products carefully.

Modern technologies

We learn, grow and develop every day. Our small size allows us to be flexible and adapt very quickly. In our arsenal, always the most relevant equipment and methods of work.

Customer orientation

We work to make your dreams come true. Therefore, we will always look for a solution to the problem, no matter how complex it was.

Professional team

We have production, to create products of high quality level.

«Looking back, I understand that it was a brave step to step on an unfamiliar territory, having behind me a lot of experience in the club and management areas. But I am an experimenter, an entrepreneur. In the end, it was my previous experience and my personal qualities that helped me determine the direction, find the team, create new connections and make a new high-quality product.»

Nick Ponomarenko
founder Artzavod

We on Kickstarter

The crowdfunding platform is the best place to check the commercial value of the new product and its usefulness for the consumer. During the existence of the project, we launched and conducted four successful campaigns to raise funds for the launch of new products. Generally, the development of one campaign takes from 4 to 12 months. It all depends on the complexity of the product, the time to create and test the prototype. All four projects we launched on the world site #1 - Kickstarter.

Корпортаивным клиентам

Когда мы говорим о сотрудниках или партнерах вашей собственной компании, нет места для компромисса. Вы ищете уникальный и оригинальный подарок, который подчеркнет особенности вашей компании. Мы реализовали множество индивидуальных корпоративных заказов. Некоторые из них представлены в портфолио. И мы готовы сделать это за вас. Просто оставьте нам сообщение.

Остались вопросы, что мы можем на самом деле делать? Загрузите презентацию и узнайте больше.

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