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What a great time – childhood!

Дата создания: 2016-09-26 Просмотры: 2431
What a great time – childhood! Time works for you and the a surrounding world is so friendly and bright. J.M. Barrie, the well-known writer, who created one of the most magical and charming stories ever, ingeniously reflected the mood of this precious time. Peter Pan became an example of courage and freedom for millions of children, and gain the popularity among the whole world. We could not leave such a wondrous literary work without proper attention, thereby, we created a series of vinyl wall clocks, dedicated to the Peter Pan cartoon.
 In virtue to its laconic and stylish design, this record clock will not leave your anyone indifferent, and moreover, it will become a great gift for a child. The Peter Pan clock will become the brightest detail of any child’s room. You have a great opportunity to choose that very special clock, which will be perfectly suitable for your home design. We are glad to present you three models of Peter Pan record clock, thereby, you can find  the best one of them.

Each of models depicts different scenes from the eponymous Disney cartoon, in this way, each of the clocks is absolutely unique. Carved clock will be perfect for different interior designs due to its laconic styling. Also, you may notice that Peter Pan clocks have no unnecessary details what makes them more universal and flexible for a variety types of home design.

The first model is called “Peter Pan. Big Ben” and it represents a scene of flight above the Big Ben. There is a pretty unusual and creative approach to using the silhouettes in this type of clocks, as you can see. The second model – “Peter Pan. London” depicts the main hero of the cartoon and his little friend – Tinkerbell on the background of London. The third model of vinyl clock is more general, it portrays Peter Pan, flying with Wendy in Neverland, also you can see pirates and their ship in the background.

Each of clock models you can find in eight colors: white, black, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and navy.
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