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Decor is a soul of home. If you want to make your home more personal you should fill your house with interesting and nice things. You can find creative vinyl clocks, funny keychain Mustache and other things in our store. Your apartment will become more special and stylish with our accessories.

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We will always listen to music of legendary bands. People sing the most famous hits and make cover versions of them. The band Queen is a band with the strong vocal, the vivid performances and extraordinary music style. The talented Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon deco..
Let's come back to the past when people listened to music on the vinyl. We made unusual wall clock of vinyl record "Melody". The vinyl clock will bring a little retro in modern time and your home. The dial is represented in eight colors which you can see on the photo and gif image. You c..
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Tangled inspired us to create the vinyl clock. Disney Princess Rapunzel with incredibly long golden hair, Flynn Rider, horse Maximus and chameleon Pascal are depicted on the wall clock. Tangled vinyl record clock is a perfect gift for kids. The dial is represented in eight colors which you ca..
Sagittarius doesn't know where the arrow will fall, but it even better for him. He likes new places, adventures, traveling. Sagittarius gladly takes on new projects and he always has many interesting ideas. The representatives of this zodiac sign are active, passionate, resilient people who char..
Sam Smith
Sam Smith is a British singer and musician. He recorded the soundtrack to the film Spectre, and became the recordsman of The Guinness Book of Records. The song "Writing's on the Wall" was the first song of the James Bond series which led the British music chart. Sam Smith won in four nominations a..
If you have a friend Scorpio, you're lucky, because the representatives of this zodiac sign are true friends, willing to go to great lengths for close people. The sign of the Water element has the wisdom and strong character. He always strives for self-improvement and changing the world for the ..
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, producer, and actor, one of the most eccentric performers. He has a special manner of performance and a striking appearance. Snoop Dogg took his pseudonym in honor of the cartoon character Snoopy. His mom called him like that, and this nickname made a rapper fam..
Snow White
The dial is represented in eight colors which you can see on the photo and gif image. You can choose and order any design of these variants.  Features: Material: vinyl record Mechanism: quartz and silent Size: diameter 30 cm ..
Snowboarding is an extreme sport that combines freedom and incredible adrenaline. It's so spectacular, when the riders conquer the snowy mountain peaks with steep slopes, performing awesome stunts on the board. There are only beautiful mountains, the purity of nature and the feeling of flying at..
Somewhere in Detroit
This vinyl clock features Detroit in the first half of the 20th century, when the city saw its prime being the hub of the US automobile industry. The legendary three – Ford, General Motors and Chrysler – chose the city for their production site. Detroit became the birthplace of the iconic A..
Somewhere in Italy
Italy has the most ancient monuments, incredible landscapes, exquisite cuisine. It is so versatile, with its own characteristics, with its "protracted miracle" - the famous tower of Pisa. We see the dynamic symbols of the country on the background of the Italian sites - the Vespa and the Fiat. V..
Somewhere in LA
The ocean, the sunlit beaches, the palm-trees and the surfers in the waves – can you feel the spirit of LA yet? Los Angeles is the city of adventure, the hub of the American cinema industry and the show biz capital. You might forget what your president looks like, but you will always recognize t..
Somewhere in Las Vegas
This clock was inspired by the iconic Shelby Cobra '66 and the majestic view of Las Vegas. The name of the city rings the bell for everybody on this planet – it screams of fun and entertainment, gambling, shows and the glamour of the city that lives at night. When the sun sets Las Vegas comes to..
Somewhere in London
Let’s drive to Great Britain in the 60s, shall we? This was the time the MINI Cooper first saw the world and found its way to the hearts of so many people. The car was owned by the Beatles and Steve McQueen. MINI Cooper won the Monte Carlo rally and was called the runner-up to the “Car of the 20..
Somewhere in Miami
Next stop – Miami! The city of entertainment, beaches and parties 24/7. The name of the city means “sweet water”. And if you found your way to Miami, you’ve got to have a matching car – and that, my friend, is Cadillac de Ville. We carved the American dream car into our vinyl clock for you to ha..
The LED lamp Т1 Dark Edition
Peter Pan
Star Wars. Yoda
Snow White
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