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Funny Zoo

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Another character on our clock parade is a baby elephant. The vinyl clocks with the original design will become a favorite piece anywhere – the children’s room, the living-room or the kitchen. And they will make peace with any interior design.  The dial is represented in eight colors whi..
Time is tricky – we have solar years, human years, dog years… it made us wonder what a fish year would feel like. Anyway, that we’ll never know, yet fish can tell you the time. We inhabited our clocks with mysterious and fancy fish to charge your home with positive energy. The dial is represe..
Seven arms, eight arms – he’s rather well armed! And now on guard of your home and your time – placed on your new vinyl clock. The funny clock will be appealing to people who are ready to take risks and experiment, those who are creative and positive, who see the world as their… oyster)))  ..
An owl is a very special bird for us, and so it deserves a special place in our vinyl-based clock collection. It will always remind you of the time to have fun. And it will always make you smile – 24 / 7, 365 days a year. This stylish wall clock will make a beautiful present for an inspired and ..
  Pugs were originally bred in Ancient China to become favorite companions for the ruling families. These dogs will definitely find their way to your heart. They are active, intelligent, playful and even-tempered. They love taking their owners for a fun walk). And they definitely made th..
We look at things not normally and make interesting products of them. The vinyl record became the material for clock like a funny cat. This accessory will bring positive in your home. Vinyl clock is perfect for kids gift. Be creative and look for unusual things to transform them. The dia..
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