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The Little Mermaid vinyl clocks

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The beautiful and touching fairy tale of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about lovely and starry-eyed little mermaid and beauteous prince was served as an inspiration for Walt Disney Pictures to create an animated musical fantasy film of the same name. Using the plot of the Danish tale, Ron Clements and John Musker created one of the most engrossing animations, which conquered the hearts of millions the children immediately. Ariel is exceptional Disney princess, completely dissimilar to other ones, thereby, we created the fabulous Disney vinyl record clock series, dedicated to the Little Mermaid cartoon.

As in the case with other Disney record clock series, we were laboring a lot, trying to make a perfect accessorize for children’s rooms that will be a noticeable and high-profile interior detail. We created four Little Mermaid vinyl clock design, each of which will become a highlight of your apartment due to its thought-out styling. We were trying to make our Disney clocks convenient for all tastes, so you can choose exactly that vinyl record clock, which will be suitable for you in all respects.

Pick out the next two Disney vinyl clock models that depicts dreamy Ariel with her best friends – Sebastian, the crab and Flounder, the fish. That type of clock is very detailed and graceful. Or, maybe you will prefer more laconic second model, with Ariel in the center of the composition, surrounded by shells, seaweed and corals. In conclusion, you can pay attention to the last type of Little Mermaid clock, which depicts Ariel on the sunset background above the clock and King Triton below.

Each vinyl clock model is represented in eight colors: white, black, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and navy. Thereby, you have a great opportunity to choose that color, which will be perfect for interior design, moreover we can guarantee you really high quality, which contains not only good design and elaborate styling, but also a reliable silent clock mechanism.
Fill the room of your child with coziness and sea charm. Let your baby grow up in the atmosphere of aesthetic and beauty.

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