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Harry Potter vinyl clocks

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The special offer for everyone who loves adventures and magic. The vinyl record clock, based on the cast of the seven films about a young wizard. The Harry Potter characters and world have served as an inspiration for our designers.

The Harry Potter record clocks are represented in four different models, each of which you are able to find in eight vivid colors: white, black, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and navy. Each vinyl clock model you can conjoin with each of the colors, by that, obtaining the new combinations. Your home design will never be common­or-garden with such wide range of design options.

The first vinyl record clock, dedicated to Harry Potter movies, depicts the two main enemies – Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort as the principal figures of the clock composition. The common image is complemented with the details of Hogwarts and the Forest of Dean landscapes.

The second record clock type illustrates Harry and Voldemort too, but it is elaborated in another technique, thereby, has a completely different form. The shape of each of the clock type is absolutely unique and demands on the common idea and styling, thereby, you are able to choose the perfect clock model for your interior design.

The third record clock model represents Harry at an early age on the background of the superb Hogwarts. The clock is complemented with the thoroughly crafted image of Harry`s mature, faithful friend, Rubeus Hagrid below and the graceful owl above. Each these models are decorated with the distinguished inscription below.

The last variant of the Harry Potter clock illustrates is the most detailed one, but at the same time, has nothing superfluous. It depicts the Gryffindor coat of arms, the Hogwarts castle and Harry Potter, flying on the broom.

If you are looking for creative and unusual gift, pay your attention to the vinyl wall clock. The record clocks will serve the most noticeable detail in your home design, as well as they were created with the unique design and thought­out styling. There is no doubt the gift should express the care and attention, thereby, we did our best to help you find the best gifts for your nearest and dearest. Give happiness with the Harry Potter vinyl clocks.
Let the magic begin! Let the greatest stories come true and settle in our houses.

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