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Bruce Lee vinyl clock

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Name of Bruce Lee is well known by almost all of the people from an early age. We all know great movies with his participation and even video games, such as Dragon Warrior. Bruce Lee quotes are full of wisdom and deep knowledge. The image of Bruce Lee is an example for following and an object of admiration for a lot of young people.

One of the greatest and the most influential martial artists ever known by humanity is now depicted on our vinyl record clocks with the Bruce Lee art. Bruce Lee was the illustrious actor, filmmaker, martial art instructor and philosopher, his contribution to history is difficult to assess.

The Bruce Lee vinyl record clock is represented in one model. The clock is made, using neat and subtle technique, each detail of the clock is elaborated with the highest craftsmanship and pinpoint accuracy. The silhouette of Bruce Lee is very laconic and has a completely thought­out styling and unique design, moreover, in our vinyl clocks we use special silent mechanisms, thereby, you can be absolutely sure that nothing will disturb your sleeping.

With our wide range of quality and extraordinary record clocks, you have a great opportunity to find a perfect gift for your nearest and dearest people. Considering a big variety of views and interests, we created a series of creative clocks on different topics. There is no doubt, each of the models will be the perfect and the most noticeable detail in your home design and will express your care and attention. The vinyl record clock as a gift will be suitable for different people of all views, interests and ages.

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