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Beauty And The Beast Vinyl Clock - the subtle harmony

Дата создания: 2017-01-17 Просмотры: 2816
The timeless classic of the power of love
For many years now, fairytales were serving as an inspiration for cinematographers and filmmakers. Nowadays we face a huge variety of magic films and cartoons which have this type of stories as a foundation, and The Walt Disney production is not an exception. Likewise everybody else, our team is looking forward for a new film about the most charming love story from the Disney studio. Of course, we are talking about “Beauty And The Beast” 2017 movie- the most awaited premiere of this year. Handsome Dan Stevens and graceful Emma Watson will implement the sorcery.


As well as Disney Company evolves and creates new masterpieces, we evolve our craftsmanship and create new unique accessories. In spite of the movie premiere, we should not forget about the good old animated film, which became one of the most important topic for our goods design. All three models from the Beauty And The Beast Vinyl Record Clock collection portrait the characters and scenes from the amazing 1991 cartoon of the same name.
 The secret of our clocks is the unbelievable diligence and thoughtful approach to work, the result of which is neat and detailed ornament right on the vinyl record surface. Our designers use a special technology for engraving such complicated images on records.
Clock is the best present!

We always try to understand views and preferences of our clients, thereby, all the range of the Artzavod products is as much diversified as possible. In this way, we present three different types of the vinyl clock with the Beauty And The Beast decor, each of which is completely special and worthy of your attention. This is the perfect option for children or even adults, that do not afraid to come back to the spring of life. Besides the Beauty And The Beast Clock, you are able to choose from a big variety of other clocks because various gift ideas are presented in our catalog.
Create a special atmosphere in your interior with Beauty And The Beast clocks
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