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Party Master Kit*
Party Master Kit* Party Master Kit* Party Master Kit* Party Master Kit* Party Master Kit*
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Party Master Kit*

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Party Master Kit is a set for your great party. It consists of:

- bag,

- 10 units of mini-shot glasses;

- 5 units of shot glasses; 

- 2 units of pourers for liquor bottles;

- silicon dropper for smaller liquids;

- cleaning brush;

- Layering Master and bag for it.

We made the special bag for this set. It is made from a high quality water resistant nylon with a layer of foam to protect its contents from any damage.

It is convenient set which contains all elements for success party. You do not need to look for the different items because all necessary devices are in the one place. This set can be the unique gift for anyone. You will be the KIng of Party!

The kit includes added the unique cocktails menu of 27 recipes by one of the best mixologists of the world. There are 9 sections of cocktails for different parties. Surprise your friends!

*includes the cost of the menu
Technical specifications:
- Material: stainless steel,nylon,leather,foam,glass,silicon
- Incl. Professional Cocktails Menu   
- Size: 153х38 mm/1400*2600mm
- Weight: 60 g/1040g
- Packaging: Handmade nylon bag

Download Layering Master Cocktails Menu

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