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The LED lamp Т1 Dark Edition
The LED lamp Т1 Dark Edition The LED lamp Т1 Dark Edition The LED lamp Т1 Dark Edition The LED lamp Т1 Dark Edition
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The LED lamp Т1 Dark Edition

Brand: LED lamp
Product Code: T1 Dark Edition
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Price: 105.71€
* Cable color:

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The LED lamp T1 has become our visiting card and now it is in a dark colour. We decided to experiment with colour of the  lamp  and  released new stylish T1 Dark Edition.

This unusual table lamp is made of valuable tree species. It is made by hand using the latest technology in LED lighting. Superbright LEDs consume only 2 watts with a life of more than 30,000 hours, and high light output. This means that your payment for electricity will decrease! We also take care of the universality of stylish gadget: it can be powered from the electrical outlet and from the laptop. We believe that the use of such lamps will add to your life warmth, comfort and will be another step in protection of the environment.

- Material: a valuable tree species

 - Usb power adapter  

- Colored cord 1.5 meters  

- superbright LEDs

- Size: 44х15 cm

- Weight: 300 g

- Packaging: Tube


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