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The Lion King vinyl clocks

Created Date: 2016-06-04 Hits: 2101
Just imagine the hot wind, sharp rocks, wide expanses, rapid rivers and red sunsets of gorgeous and picturesque Africa. Imagine graceful antelopes, sapient monkeys, cunning hyenas and brave lions. The big, but long-run childish dream about sunny and enthralling Africa became closer, thanks to the Walt Disney Pictures team and their masterpiece animation movie – The Lion King. Created in 1994 by Roger Allers and rob Minkoff, The Lion King became the favorite of the audience. Not many people know, but Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a kind of prototype of the well-known Lion King. Our design team was inspired by fabulous characters from that movie, thereby, we created charming Lion King vinyl clock, which will become a great gift for your child and eye-catching detail of your interior.

As you might notice, the vinyl record clock is the great opportunity to make your home design completely special and unique, but moreover, it will be the perfect gift for children. Talking about gift ideas, we cannot help saying about a wide range of Disney vinyl record clock and especially about the Lion King clock. The dynamic, detailed and bright, but in the same time laconic and stylish, Disney vinyl clock with The Lion King characters is the perfect option to express your individual peculiarities.

​Using the high-quality vinyl and the talent of our designers, we elaborated two different Disney record clock models, each of which is represented in eight colors: white, black, green, yellow, orange, pink, blue and navy. Both of clock models depict the king of lions Mufasa, looking on his young, but brave son Simba. Each of given Disney clock models has its own differences and features.
To sum up all the above, you may do not limit yourself in choice and pitch upon the perfect vinyl record clock, it will be unquestionable great gift for children and adults and also it will be a peachy accompaniment for your home design. Do not forget to check out website for more interesting and unusual interior accessorizes.
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