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Disney vinyl clocks: Beauty and the Beast

Created Date: 2016-06-04 Hits: 1774
The Walt Disney Company, one of the biggest entertainment producers in the world creates the most beautiful and kind cartoons for almost 100 years. Not a single generation grew up on the stories about beautiful princess and brave heroes, magical fairies and funny dwarfs, and even nowadays children and adults still love and appreciate Disney cartoons and their heroes. That is why we created a Disney vinyl clock series which contain a variety of models, dedicated to different Disney Company’s animation, so we are glad to present you one of such Disney clock models, the Beauty and the Beast vinyl clock.

The story about clever and appealing Disney princess Belle became an inspiration for us, thereby, we created three varied models, each of which depicts a particular scene from the cartoon. Two of three Disney vinyl record clock models illustrate, directly, the main characters of the cartoon in the typical Disney manner. The composition is decorated by the name of the film in the lower part of the clock. Each of these two models has its own shape peculiarities, so you can choose the best one to your liking. The third Disney record clock from that series is slightly different from two previous. The given model is more laconic and reticent; it depicts only silhouettes of the cartoon’s characters.

Every type of clock is represented in eight colors: white, black, orange, yellow, green, navy, pink and blue, so you can choose precisely that one, which will look perfect in your interior. The clocks with Beauty and the Beast art will be perfect for any children’s room in virtue of their flexible design. Moreover, we can say with confidence that you do not need to worry about the noise because our vinyl record clock have a high-quality silent mechanism. So, do not lose your opportunity to make a space for your children full of cosiness and gracefulness with lovely Disney clocks.
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