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Star Wars is a cult fantastic saga, which is admired by the whole world for many years. It includes movies, cartoons, video games, comics, toys. Extraordinary characters with superhuman abilities, vivid special effects, and space has fascinated us. We created a series of vinyl clocks Star Wars devoted to this large-scale story.
Love is the most wonderful feeling. It inspires us, reveals the best qualities. Giving love, we receive more in return. We cannot describe it in words, see and touch. You may express your feelings in many ways, but most important is the sincerity. Love to beauty, design and vinyl records led us to the idea to make vinyl clocks "About love". This small series emerged gradually and spontaneously, not planned as something holistic.
They are so different. They have its nature, characteristics, and habitat. Animals can amuse, surprise or calm us. They inspired us to create the collection of vinyl clocks Funny Zoo. Now you will look at some animals otherwise. You will want to they settle in your home. Vinyl clocks with funny animals will fill home with positive atmosphere.
Music is a magic, a palette with many shades. It inspires, causes different emotions and awakens the feelings. Music relaxes, motivates and brings people together. It ruled us when we created a series of vinyl clocks with legendary musicians. Here are the most vivid, energetic and talented bands and artists in this collection.
Disney animated movies are beautiful stories that welcome you into the amazing world of striking characters, breathtaking scenery and twisted adventures. They teach friendship and compassion, they make the world a better place, a dreamland where the good will always triumph - and they give this joyous world to the kids. The fairytale continues when our favorite characters leave the TV and start living among us as beloved toys and accessories. You can bring joy to your kid with unique vinyl clocks inspired by Disney animated movies. They will brighten up the child’s room and make it feel like a little nook of the fairyland.
What is the best gift? Somebody says that it should be useful; somebody says it should be beautiful and unordinary, and somebody thinks that it should be personal. All these features are performed by vinyl clocks with zodiac signs. We made the special collection of twelve wall clocks. No matter whether you believe and your friends in astrology such accessory will be a pleasant gift and stylish home decor.

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