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Vinyl clock Deadpool
Vinyl clock Deadpool Vinyl clock Deadpool Vinyl clock Deadpool Vinyl clock Deadpool Vinyl clock Deadpool
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Vinyl clock Deadpool

Brand: Minimal
Product Code: 4982016
Availability: In Stock
Price: 32.03$
* Color of the dial:

Deadpool is a character by Marvel Comics. He can be healed from the most severe wounds; he is invulnerable to diseases and viruses. Deadpool knows martial arts and he is good with many weapons. Comic book hero appears in movies, animated movies, in different video games. The popularity of Deadpool did not pass by us. We have developed a design of vinyl clock with this unusual character. Vinyl clock Deadpool is a striking interior decoration and unordinary gift for loved ones.

The dial is represented in eight colors which you can see on the photo and gif image. You can choose and order any design of these variants. 


Material: vinyl record

Mechanism: quartz and silent

Size: diameter 30 cm

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