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Vinyl clock Aquarius
Vinyl clock Aquarius Vinyl clock Aquarius Vinyl clock Aquarius Vinyl clock Aquarius Vinyl clock Aquarius
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Vinyl clock Aquarius

Brand: Minimal
Product Code: 5172016
Availability: In Stock
Price: 32.03$
* Color of the dial:

Do you look for a special gift for Aquarius? He is independent and freedom-loving, curious and original. Aquarians love unusual things, so Aquarius vinyl clock will be a pleasant surprise for them. They always come to the aid to friends, seek peace. Representatives of this zodiac sign are simple, a little mystical, and interesting so people are drawn to them. Aquarius likes new things; he is eccentric and loves to surprise. This vinyl record clock with Aquarius sign and constellation is a stylish home decor and a perfect gift.
The dial is represented in eight colors which you can see on the photo and gif image. You can choose and order any design of these variants. 


Material: vinyl record

Mechanism: quartz and silent

Size: diameter 30 cm
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