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The Avengers vinyl clocks

Created Date: 2016-06-14 Hits: 2181
The great news for all the Marvel Universe fans! Considering our aspiration to create a wide range of products, we decided to elaborate a new awesome vinyl clock series, dedicated to the Marvel’s The Avengers movie. Now you have the great opportunity to complement your interior with conspicuous and unexpected detail.

The Marvel Universe was always exciting us by its brightness and liveliness, thereby, we tried to reflect these peculiarities of Marvel’s comics and movies in our vinyl clocks. The gallant philanthropist Tony Stark (Iron Man), valiant Captain America, redoubtable and insecure Hulk, high-hearted and charming Thor, elegant and cunning Black Widow, dexterous and accurate Hawkeye and majestic Loki. All of these characters are the brilliant example of the artists mastery and stagecraft. Let the bright temperament of the heroes make your home design more expressive and unusual. The Avengers vinyl record clock may become a noticeable zest of your interior as well as the part of the Avengers wall art of full value.

Avengers clock is represented in several fabulous models, each of which you can find in eight colors: white, black, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and navy, in this way, you are able to choose the perfect one for your interior. The first type of Avengers record clock depicts the silhouettes of the main characters of the movie. This model is very dynamic and detailed, but at the same time, it is pretty laconic in virtue of its restrained shape and thought-out colors. That type of record clock will make any type of interior special and noticeable and certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.
Besides first model you can also choose the vinyl record clock with other designs. For example, if you enjoy the antagonists part in the Avengers movie, we have the great offer for you – the stylish vinyl clock with Loki decor. For those, who are on the good side, we propose the Iron Man record clock.

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