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Led Zeppelin vinyl clocks

Created Date: 2016-06-24 Hits: 2176
Who would deny that one of the most successful and influential music bands, the superb Led Zeppelin has changed the history of music all over the world? The true rock music legends, formed in London in 1968, are still the examples to follow for many rock bands. They have transformed the adolescence of the whole generation and became the idols for millions of people. We all remember such great Led Zeppelin songs, became the hits, as “Kashmir” or “Stairway To Heaven”, and the legendary album “IV”

You might already see the vinyl record wall clocks on our website, dedicated to a lot of remarkable musicians and music bands, thereby, continuing the tradition we created the Led Zeppelin clock. The record clocks are represented in two great models, each of which you are able to find in eight colors: white, black, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and navy. Consequently, you may not restrict yourself in choice and select the perfect combination of color and type of clock.

The first Led Zeppelin vinyl clock type depicts the members of the band above and the title with the well-known symbols below. Laconic and neat, that type of vinyl record clock will be perfectly suitable for any home design. The great album “Celebration Day” has served as an inspiration for creating the second vinyl clock model. It depicts the panorama of London with the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben in the center of the composition. The clock is complimented with the same inscription and the symmetrically located symbols of the band.

If you consider that gifts is the best way to express your attention and solicitude, we have something to offer you. The Led Zeppelin clock is the perfect gift for the music lovers of any ages and interests. Such a gift will never be unwanted, inasmuch as it has completely unique design and thought-out styling. In our vinyl clocks we use the special high-quality silent mechanism, thereby, you can be absolutely sure you will not be disturbed by any noise, moreover, the clock will serve you for a long time.

You can check out our website for more interesting clocks, posters and furniture. If you have any questions or propositions, contact us, we are always glad to answer you.
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