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Language  Ukraine Europe Worldwide
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Artzavod is a studio which makes beautiful and practical things for home. We are the young ambitious team who is interested in modern design. Products of our studio are handmade and designed for everyday life. We work with natural materials and care about the environment. 

The principles of our work are pithiness, comfort and individuality. We help to make home space more comfortable and stylish

We create smart furniture, postersLED lamps and decor.  Our products are attractive for people from around the world. 

We have experience of successful campaign on the Kickstarter with LED lamp T1 and LED lamp T2. We offer LED table lamps for residents in Germany, DenmarkNorwayHollandEnglandPortugalFrance.

Our studio is open for collaboration with partners  and shops from all the world who likes modern design. We want to share with our ideas and create something new, useful and beautiful. We love industrial design,it is our philosophy. © 2018 | Web site by: | Powered by ocStore